Also, it formed a customer care center that is responsible for following up with customers and ensuring the delivery of customer service and satisfaction throughout all operations, starting with the vehicle purchase process to maintain after sale services ( ).Autofix Multi-Brand Service Center, under the umbrella of Gulf Advantage Automotive (GAA),… Read More

While 2019 was a great year for crypto and crypto regulation, 2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger and pivotal year for the crypto industry. Ten years later, gold has done well for itself touching a high of $1,542 per ounce and that's a fairly decent +38% gain In the last decade bitcoin, however, has gained a whopping +8,999,900% and this year a… Read More

Canadian prep schools offer high school students a unique experience. In general, these programs (Private investment programs-PPP and Buy - Sell Trading Programs) get a very high profit compared to the common benefit available to traditional investments Most people do not believe that a yield of 30% to 100% a Monthly basis is possible.Bridge Invest… Read More

Set as open workshop, volunteers were welcomed to join the process, together with young people from social organizations of the neighbourhood and of the municipality. The ancient Mediolanum, as it has been called by the Romans since the third century B.C. (a name of Celtic origin meaning "in the middle of the plains"), rose up around 400 B.C. It wa… Read More

Our award winning training academy provides gold standard aesthetic training to healthcare professionals throughout the UK. Our carefully selected expert trainers have over 10 years experience in successfully building an aesthetic practice. Dermal fillers training - Using the Juvederm Ultra and Restylane ranges of products, we will teach you how to… Read More